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Feeling sort of melancholy this morning, I was thinking about people and places I miss.

So many people have touched my life that it would not be wise to begin naming them here. Family and Friends that I love to this day, whether they are still close or live far away. Some (Quite a few in fact) are forever alive only in my memory. The good times we spent together and the love we shared will remain in my heart.

As for the places I have been, forty eight states and forty foreign countries in all, I have seen and experienced so many awesome sights and have pleasant memories of so many places.

There are a few foreign countries that I have no desire to revisit but some left memories which live in my heart and I yearn to revisit a few of them. Perhaps some day……

After the usual morning coffee, Marilyn busied herself doing a thorough cleaning of the RV inside.

I made the bed, and took down a bad day/night shade which will be replaced by a wooden blind quite soon.

While Marilyn did the laundry, I drove to Walmart to pick up a few supplies.

In the afternoon we simply relaxed. Marilyn did the cross-stitch work while I put the computer and the Kindle reader to use.

It was around 3:00 when Heinz & Irene, Ron & Verna, and us, gathered in the sunshine for a Happy Hour.

It was so nice to have the bright sunshine to enjoy again. It seems so long since we had sat together with our friends in bright sunshine with warm temperatures.

We feel free again, to enjoy this RV lifestyle we love so much.

Tomorrow, after Mass, we may go over the border to Mexico.

Life is Good!

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