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Seven years ago we thought we had located for sure, our favorite place to go for breakfast. A small restaurant called “Mingos” was the place we enjoyed so much. We loved the huevos rancheros with home-made flour tortillas.

Then, two years ago, Mingos sold out and the new owners did not maintain the standard we were used to expecting.

So, alas, we looked for another place to have breakfast.

We found several places which were good, but simply not as tasty as the food had been at Mingos.

This year we noticed that the restaurant was, once again, under new ownership. There were many cars outside and it appeared to be crowded, which is a good sign for any restaurant.

Heinz & Irene, Ron & Verna, and Marilyn & I, arrived a few minutes before 9:00 this morning, and had a difficult time finding a place to park. (Another good sign)

We found a table for six and soon were served a great breakfast.

Five of us ordered huevos rancheros while Ron ordered a more traditional breakfast of sausage & eggs.

From the fact that the plates were nearly licked clean, I assume everyone else enjoyed their meal as much as I did. Great!

While enjoying our breakfast we all made a plan to go to the game room and play Mexican Train this afternoon.

With snacks and cold drinks we found a room upstairs above the library, and enjoyed the next few hours.

As expected, Marilyn won the game. But we all had fun with lots of laughter and harassment of one another.

Marilyn had fixed a beef roast with all the veggies, and left it in the slow cooker to finish cooking to perfection while we were gone.

It sure tasted good when we arrived back home in the evening.


So I guess we’ll relax and watch the Olympics coverage on TV, until bedtime!

The day today has been cool and wet, but it was a fine day, mostly spent in the company of good friends.

Life is Good!

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