Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

After an afternoon visit with Hal & Peggy (Toms sister) we went...

Peggy's family joined us

Anne had an ice-cream sharing with Emma

Nate is the spitting image of his dad, Matt.

While camped at Fort DeSoto, we had hoped that Tom's sister, Peggy would be able to drive down to see us there. But the cold weather was against us and so we headed up to Peggy and Hal's house in Tampa (Safety Harbor). After a very nice visit in the afternoon, we went out to dinner at Leroy Selmon's (an NFL player turned restauranteur) where we met up with Matt (Peggy's son), Kelley and their 3 children, Olivia, Emma, and Nate. Wonderful meal and great company!

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