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Today was a perfect example of one of those times when you have to ask yourself, “What the heck am I doing?”

A limited number of tickets for a band called “The Agency” went on sale today and it worked like this:

First come, first served.

You could only purchase tickets for one table (8 to 10 people).

You had to put your name on a numbered list to purchase the tickets.

The list was begun at 5:30 this morning, with people waiting to put their name on it.

We had to have the names and address for each person sitting at the table you are buying tickets for.

Now you have the basic picture.

My friend Heinz, a neighbor lady named Lynn, and I were going to the Rec Hall at 5:30 AM to get our names on the list.

It was about 3:30 when I awoke, then felt afraid to go back to sleep, lest I miss the opportunity to buy tickets.

I actually got out of a nice, warm, comfortable bed at 4:00 AM.

Marilyn had prepared the coffee for me the night before, so all I had to do was push a button, and wait a few minutes for that fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee to help me wake up.

About 5:25 this morning, with a full cup of coffee in hand, I walked over to Heinz & Irene’s Site.

I noticed that Heinz had the light on, and sure enough, he was waiting. A few minutes later, we picked up Lynn and drove off to the Rec Hall, arriving just a few minutes later.

Lynn was number 9 on the list, then Heinz and I were numbers 10 and 11.

The list ended at 30 names.

Now, all we had to do was wait until the tickets went on sale.

Two hours and 45 minutes later, the names were called out and a line formed with people, in the order of the names on the list.

Three hours after we arrived at the Rec Hall, we were rewarded with tickets and a reserved table for the evening of the 22nd of February.

That will be a busy day because the Texas Championship BBQ competition will be on the same day, and the week-long rodeo events begin on that day also.

Back at the RV, Marilyn waited for me, and when I arrived home, we called our granddaughter, Lauren, to wish her a Happy Birthday.

After an enjoyable chat with this little lady who owns our hearts, we drove to town for a haircut.

That was followed by a trip to Walmart where I picked up a prescription.

I noticed that the cost of my co-pay had increased by 25%.

Obama care?

We managed to grab a few groceries and I visited the ATM for some cash, before we drove back to the resort.

We stopped by the office to pay the electric bill for last month, then decided that the rest of the day would be spent in “Relax Mode”.

Marilyn worked on her cross-stitch project while I had the TV, the computer, and my Kindle reader to amuse me for the afternoon.

Life is Good!

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