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Group preparing to dive at Makena State Park

A family snorkeling at Makena State Park

Sunset on my beach 2/2/14

One of my instructors, Pilipo Solatorio, in a locally aired special about...

This was the nose flute player and singer from the Paina (luau)...

Today was Super Bowl Sunday. While it started at 6:30 pm in Ohio it started at 1:30 pm here in Hawaii. So it really broke up the day. I don't know how they manage to watch a 1:00 EST game here!

I woke up this morning about 5 am to the sound of rain and rolled over and went back to sleep until 8 and it was still raining (not a dream - RATS!). When I finally got up I drove south to get an idea of what else is on this part of the island. By then it was just sprinkling.

I'm at 777 South Kihea Rd. Kihea Rd. runs along the coast, for the most part, to at least 3000. Most of the way it is a two lane street. Then you run into the Wailea area. There it changes to Wailea and Alanui Road and becomes a boulevard. This is where the big, expensive resorts and golf courses are. The further south you drive the more expensive you get.

Going north, Kihei Rd. changes from South to North where it is intersected by the Mokulele Highway(which I took from the airport). The Maui Ocean Center is near that intersection. North of this point is referred to as Maalaea.

I walked the beach yesterday (Saturday) from my condo to about a mile and a half north of that intersection. My Maui Revealed book says that beach runs for 3.5 miles. It was getting overcast so I turned around before I finished. I'll save that for later.

So back to Sunday - I drove as far south as I could along the coast - after I got out of Wailea the road turned back to two lane. I turned off the main road to get to Makena State Park. I passed a cute little Congregationalist Church that was having services. It was established in the early 1800's - so it would have been one of the first Christian churches on the island and I assume has been having services ever since. The coast was very rugged in that area. Several groups were getting ready to dive and a family was already in the water snorkeling. This is an area I want to explore in more detail later.

After the drive I went to the grocery, put things away, watched one of the episodes of the Law & Order marathon and then it was time for the Super Bowl. That was the worst Super Bowl I can remember. The Browns could have done at least as good as Denver (well, probably). I watched it to the end but for me that was around 5:00pm.

To end the day I walked over to my beach to watch the sunset. I was hoping with the overcast skies we may get a pretty red sky but didn't.

When I came back I turned on the TV and came across a face I knew!!! Several actually. One of the experts we heard on the Road Scholar tour was hosting a special about his Halawa Valley on Molokai. Also, one of the musicians at the luau was playing on it, too, and one of the women that served at the luau and worked at the Sugar Mill Museum was in attendance. They were singing and dancing (that seems common among native Hawaiians). He showed how to make poi. Some was new information but most I had heard previously.

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