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Shave Ice a Hawaiian delicacy - this one is passion orange

Today is Saturday and when I went out to "my beach" I found something quite different from Thursday and Friday. It was crowded!

Dave Ley had asked me for some surfing pictures - so far I haven't seen any surfers except very far out. But this morning my beach was crowded with kite surfers and further down the beach I found a bunch of wind surfers.

I walked north along the beach today for over an hour and a half. My plan was to walk until I ran out of beach but I never did - it just kept going on and on. A perfect sand beach for miles! On my way back I stopped by a Shave Ice place. Shave Ice is a Hawaiian treat. It is similar to a snow cone in that it is ice with flavored syrup over it but the ice is not chopped but shaved very, very fine. It is more like snow. It starts with a hunk of ice maybe 9" x 9" or so. The ice "cube" is put in a special machine that twirls and knives shave off the ice. Then they punch holes in it with chop sticks and pour whatever flavoring you ask for over it. It is served in a shallow bowl. The place I went today had holes drilled in the picnic tables to make it easier to eat. You get a spoon and a straw. You can also opt to add iced cream and combine flavors however you wish.

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