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Heinz, Irene, and Owen seek info

Explaining the soldiers side of things

This morning, Heinz & Irene, along with Marilyn & I, joined Owen & Jay, for a ride to the site of a Battle between Mexican forces and US forces, which began the war between Mexico & the US, back on May 8th, 1846.

The Battle of Palo Alto was primarily an artillery battle, but was quite interesting. I’ll leave it to you dear readers to Google it if you are interested.

Marilyn took some good pictures as the various re-enactors explained some of the details of soldier life at that time in history.

The 1841 model cannon, a six pounder, was explained and fired for us, as were the rifles being used at that time.

We also went inside the Visitor’s Center to watch a film about the battle which took place here.

It was shortly after noon when we returned to the RV, where we ate a bite of lunch before I settled down to watch Kentucky vs. Missouri in Basketball. Missouri played well, but unfortunately, so did Kentucky, and KY won the game. I’m sure my friend Howard loved the outcome!

Marilyn made a quick trip to the store and we were set for the day and for tomorrow.

We have snacks for the Super Bowl game tomorrow and oysters to make some oyster stew.

Now this is where I can say for sure that Life is Good!

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