things around Rockport

scenes around Rockport

scenes around Rockport

Scenes around Rockport

One Crab extolling another crab ! ! !

Scenes around Rockport

Two crazy gals cuttin up

Us on the left with Ed and Helene', new found "cousins" on...

Lft, Dave, Rt, Ed Prince, cousins from Mayflower decendants,

Ed and Helene' in front of their motorhome.

Well Rats ! Due to the POLAR VORTEX and the associated cold weather it ended up that we didn't get out much, Dave didn't fish much, We didn't golf at all but were saved by friends and the prospect of a new found relative.

Our first 2 days were fabulous, sun shine blue skies very little wind, "shoulda", "woulda", "coulda" done more, but, WHY! When life is going your way, right... Then, one day Dave got out tho Goose Island State Park to fish, about 2 hours into his fishing excursion the cold front arrived and nearly blew him to off the fishing pier and to Mexico! ! ! All kidding aside,Dave did catch a couple speckle trout but nothing legal to keep. The cold weather out of Canada stayed with us for 4 days.

In the mean time, our long time friends Jim and Shirley met us at a fine seafood restaurant on the water then they had us over to their coach for a "catch-up" and dinner as it has been 4 years since we had seen them last. It was still so cold that Jim and Dave couldn't get out and fish or golf! Rats... Next time through.

Next, was the visit with long time friends Ed and Helene', we met four years ago at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. They live up in the Dallas area, but came down here to get out of the cold AND to visit with us. To show how sometimes simple conversation can turn serious and with consequences, Ed asked Dave, "So, where did you guys go and what did you do this past summer"? With Dave's short answer he just mentioned that we'd stopped in at Plymouth, Massachusetts to discover Daves ancestral heritage. Ed replied something to the effect that, "I'm a descendant of the Mayflower, too"! After a quick check with a brother and the genealogy was verified, Son-of-a-gun if we ain't related! ! ! I ask you, how often is it that friends turn in into relatives. As it turns out, we two are 1st cousins, 12 times removed. Crazy, isn't it!?

And so, for our last night in Rockport/Corpus area Dave had a hard time sleeping, thinking about the possibilties.

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