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The air-conditioned bus ride from Istanbul after 4 hours we reached the city of Canakkale. Numerous books and documentaries about Troy finally troy movie in 2004 starring Brad Pitt has. Used in the film Troy horse sculpture is exhibited in Canakkale city park. The ancient city of Troy is as old as human history and is composed of nine separate layers and 90 meters wide, there is a castle in the first layer. Made during the last layer of a real Roman impoaratorlug an ancient city. There was a very nice way to King and columns of marble statues on the way, and finally the center of a very nice theater and a very special concerts and shows are performed here. hemeros ileum as described in the epic Troy in the first statue of a horse soldiers hiding in the castle gate secretly enters and becomes the winning side of the war.

Gallipoli war on the peninsula of Gallipoli in a large number of tunnels and trenches are left over from the military. Our tour guide, and the first world war gallipoli war told in great detail. Between the years of the First World War 1914-1918 and in 1915, took four years of war was gallipoli. The first naval battle of the English fleet which was attended by a very large fleet of olm and British warships were sunk here. Australia and new zealand British colonies composed of فنادق اسطنبول , فنادق اوزنجول ANZAC soldiers of the Turkish military has been a very tough fight. Gallipoli battle is known as the last gentlemen's war. ANZAC soldiers of the Turkish military has been a very tough fight. On April 25, Anzac Day commemorations are very large, too large for ANZAC and Turkish military has mausoleums and statues.

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