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Hawaii Statehouse - taken from Punchbowl overlook

Honolulu - with Diamondhead in the background - taken from Punchbowl overlook

This was one of the palaces of the royal family when Hawaii...

Clock Tower at Honolulu Harbor

Our hotel in Honolulu - Waikiki Resort Hotel - two blocks from...

Statue along Wakiki Beach (early morning)

Statue of Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaiian 5 time Olympic medalist in swimming and...

Honolulu in the early morning

Homelessness is a problem in Honolulu - bus stop at Wakiki

While at Punchbowl we went up to an overlook and our tour leader, Pat, pointed out Honolulu sites. She pointed out how much Honolulu has developed over the past 40 or so years. One of the couples on the tour had been to Honolulu in the 60's and remembered being at the overlook but were amazed how much Honolulu had grown. They didn't remember any high rise buildings. Most of the development was along the waterfront. Now all the land is filled in between the water and the mountains - and even up the mountains in some places.

The distinctive rock formation overlooking Honolulu, Diamondhead, is actually a part of the crater from an extent volcano. Hiking trails lead up to and along the top of the craters. Some of the most expensive houses in the islands are just below Diamondhead - in the area they call "Diamondhead". We were driven through it on the way to one of our excursions. Some of the houses selling for several million dollars there could probably be had in Columbus for $500K. Its just location, location, location.

The Hawaii Statehouse is unlike any other statehouse I have seen. It has no dome!

Our hotel was old but still very nice. At one time it would have been beachfront but newer and taller hotels have been built over the years between it and the water. My room had a balcony but looked across the street to another hotel and apartment building. It was still in a very convenient location.

One morning I took a walk in a drizzle along the beachfront. There are several sculptures along the beachfront park recognizing famous Hawaiians. One of them is of the famous surfer "Duke" Kahanamoku. He was also an actor. He greatly increased the popularity of surfing and was a 5 time Olympic medalist in swimming appearing in the 1912, 1920 and 1924 Olympics. He is very beloved by Hawaiians.

Like all large US cities Honolulu has its share of problems. Homelessness seems even more prevalent than in most large cities I've been in. Hawaii accuses mainland cities of giving their homeless one way tickets to Hawaii. Everyone wants a chance to come to paradise.

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