Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

The Villages where Bob & Kathy now live

This development is expanding even more

Golf carts are a way of life here

Kathy and Anne - College roommates

An inland lake

Bob buys golf balls

Nightly entertainment in one of the "Squares"

A frosty morning on the golf course

We had planned to stay a night with our friends Bob & Kathy Brick. Kathy and Anne were roommates in college. The Bricks moved to The Villages last year and enjoy golf, bridge, exercise and a huge community (over 100,000) - and of course, Florida weather. Our stay was extended another day as the RV was being fixed and of course we were so grateful for the Brick's hospitality. Besides their wonderful companionship, we had golf cart rides, and a tour of the ever-expanding project.

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