Sally & Hugh Baja Trip travel blog

Sunrise over Lake Mojave from our trailer window.

Entering trail into Hole In the Rock in Mojave Preserve, CA.

A happy hiker.


Climbing up the Ring Trail in the Mojave Preserve at Hole In...

Why we so love to be beside the Salton Sea.


A beautiful, warm evening beside the fire while camped beside the Salton...


Another best sunsets.

Tonight we are parked on the Pacific Ocean at Ensenada Mexico. This is our first night in Mexico on our way to Cobo San Lucas at the southern end of the Baja Pennisula. We are with Fantasy RV Tours for their 37 day "Baja Winter Paradise" tour. So far, so good. This is all new to us - to travel with a large group and trying to get in sync with the program. Hugh has wanted to come this way for a long time but Sally was hesitant to travel by RV in Mexico but this tour group appears to have the means and staf to make our trip save and enjoyable. The "Green Angles" have been hired to travel with us.

We spent an enjoyable 2 weeks getting from cold Boise to Chula Visita CA to join the tour. Time was spent in the warm sun & taking some nice walks. We like to camp on the Salton Sea and watch the birds and the sunsets. With limited Wi-Fi we hope we can share some of the Baja with you in the days to come.

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