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The first thing this morning I went to Dr. Geck’s office to attend the bone quality clinic. His PA, Dana, discussed my lab results from yesterday. All the results were within the normal range. Dana was especially pleased with my vitamin D level; she said that it is rare for a person my age. That was good news! She also gave me my Forteo delivery kit and showed me how to do the injections. I need to inject the drug at bedtime every night for at least 18 months. Yuck! She re-measured my height, which turned out to be 5’4.5” instead of 5’3”. She said that someone had installed a part backwards, which made the measurements incorrect. I just knew that 5’3” couldn’t be correct!

We finished the bone quality clinic in plenty of time for me to get to my exercise class on time. I’m trying to schedule all my pre-op visits around the class.

On the way home I stopped at Tuesday Morning to look for a new sleeping pillow. I found a standard-sized extra-firm one which I hope will work well for me. I doesn’t seem to be excessively hard. I think the dense Tempur-Pedic pillow that I bought last June was causing the pain in my neck. I have slept the last two nights on a small decorative pillow, which seemed to help.

While browsing at Tuesday Morning I found a Black & Decker 5-speed, 8-cup food processor. It was a close-out item and, unfortunately, they had thrown away the box. When I tried to find the owner’s manual online, I couldn’t find it; so I filled out a request form. It isn’t critical but I hope they can provide the manual.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day with temperatures in the upper 70s.

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