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Ferry to Arizona Memorial

Entrance to the Arizona Memorial

Dedication Plaque in the Memorial

Inside the Memorial - the Arizona was actually left in place -...

Parts of the Arizona left sticking out of the water

Parts visible under water

Looking across the memorial into the room with the wall with the...

You can barely see the bow of the ship raising from the...

National Park Ranger (in green jacket) explaining they expect oil to leak...

On the wall was a list of those who served and died...

All but three of the ships that were damaged or sunk in Pearl Harbor were eventually raised and put into service. One that wasn't was the USS Arizona. It was hit such that its weapons arsenal and the ship exploded. Most of those on the ship were killed. The few who survived would have had to swim through burning fuel. To honor and remember those killed on the Arizona it was decided to leave her in place as she lay including all the bodies inside her. The Memorial was built over and around her. It is possible to see the remnants of the Arizona both under the water and portions sticking above the water. At one end of the Memorial is a wall that included all the names of those who died who served on her. This wall is set off in a chapel.

The most chilling thing for me was the oil that was leaking up and gathering on top of the water above the ship. The park ranger on duty told a group that the oil had been leaking in small drops for almost 75 years and based on calculations and knowing how much was on the ship it should continue leaking for at least another 75 years. It seemed to be saying that is how long these men will be remembered.

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