My 2014 Retirement Trip Hawaii travel blog

Kilauea Point Lighthouse, built in 1913

Looking at coast across from Kilauea Point

Various birds can be found in the area

Bird Sign

A colony of Red Footed Boobies


The Nene, Hawaii's state bird

Informational sign about Red Footed Boobies

Today we went by school bus to within a couple miles of the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. The bus could not go into the Refuge so we split into 3 groups and were taken in by a van.

First we visited the Kilauea Point Lighthouse, built in 1913. We also met up again with Carl Berg, Jr., a birder/biologist/ecologist. He pointed out the Red Footed Boobie, the Nene (Hawaii's state bird), albatross and others. We also were able to see some whales not too far off the shore.

It had been raining and the wind was very strong out on the point. Even Hawaii does not have perfect weather.

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