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Blue Heron (?) eating a fish from the fish pond at the...

This bird was in the tree in one of the gardens at...

After visiting Waimea Canyon we were taken to our hotel, the Aloha Beach Resort, by driving counterclockwise around the island, again passing the airport in Lihue. We followed the road along the coast. There are not many roads on most of the islands (except Oahu). The map on the home page will show us traveling across the island but that would not be possible. There is a mountain in the way.

We passed through several small towns on the way to the hotel. The towns were old pineapple or sugarcane plantation towns, where all the workers had lodging and shopped in the company store and stayed in the company town. The towns have been reconstructed as they would have been at that time. Now there are charming small B&B's, restaurant and shops. This island has restricted development and it shows. A couple hotels were built 3 stories high years ago and before development could get out of control the island's people passed laws to limit the height of any buildings to 2 stories. This would effectively limit the types of hotel complexes that would be built.

The Aloha Beach Resort, when it was built, would have been a very fancy hotel. It is the quintessential Polynesian resort of the 50's or 60's. In addition to the hotel it also offers "cabanas" (cabins). It has since run down quite a bit but is still comfortable. It is open air and very nicely landscaped with water flowing over stones to provide that peaceful waterfall sound. There are also koi ponds with water lilies. As most of our speakers have pointed out - all plant material that was not indigenous to Hawaii.

It backs up to a very nice county park on the beachfront. The park has a fish pond built in the traditional Hawaiian fashion. There is an informational board showing the type fish that can be found in the pond.

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