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Beautiful ancient city of Ephesus, where the road is 600 meters long, which has a king attended the celebrations of the people on this road and many entertainment shows were made here. There is a gate house first love heart sign from the building and many rooms have occurred and are a natural ventilation system. Trojan king's statue, which is on both sides of the fountain, which is the main gate of the temple and a huge open-air mass of people that use it as a toilet. Ephesus is a port city and the capital of the Asian continent is called. Ephesus is very valuable to scientists and artists have made many valuable works here. Ephesus goods coming from China, India and Egypt to Europe are transported by ship.

Celsus in Ephesus Libray has occurred and the place where magnificent architecture, the art work and sculpture on the exterior there are four pieces made ​​of marble. Two outer part Although storey interior is made ​​of a single storey mausoleum here and was used as a libary. There is a very nice theater and performing arts center here has a very special sound and light system, which is the arena. Our tour guide went along with the virgin mary house. There is a very large bronze sculptures made on the road and by the pope in 1980 has been recognized as a place of pilgrimage. Virgin Mary's house very sacred and peaceful place. virgin mary era has a beautiful fountain.

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