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This blog entry will get me back on a regular schedule, I hope!

Last night, the temperatures fell to right around the freezing mark, the wind blew hard, and the rain came down.

In fact it rained so hard that it woke me around 3:00 AM. At times it sounded like sleet hitting the skylights.

I put coffee on this morning, thinking the aroma of fresh brewed coffee might rouse Marilyn from her slumber.

She came down to the living room just as dawn was breaking.

I was pouring a cup of coffee when I heard her exclaim, “Oh my gosh! Look at the Palm Trees! They have Ice on them!”

Sure enough they did!

Marilyn grabbed her camera and went outdoors to take pictures before daylight arrived. I have to share a couple of those pictures with you.

So, you can see, we do have cold weather sometimes, even here in the valley. I must admit that we have never seen it like this, at least during the seven years we have been here.

I should have listened to Marilyn and gone to the store yesterday evening. Now I faced a drive on slick roads, with lots of people who have never driven on a slick road before.

The thought went through my mind that this could turn out to be one of my “Grrrr…” days.

However, the trip to the store and back was uneventful. I did notice that the “On Ramps” for the Expressway, were barricaded and traffic was very light. Several ice-laden trees were leaning on power lines, causing them to sag a bit.

Back at the RV, I dumped the holding tanks, then cleaned up and began the pleasant task of cooking a kettle of Southwest Pork, Green Chili Stew.

When the soup was finished I took some over to Ron & Verna and to Heinz & Irene. Heinz brought some Cajun Shrimp on Rice over to us and it was delicious!

In the afternoon, Heinz, Ron and I went to the Pool Hall to shoot pool together. We had a nice time with only minor harassment. LOL

So, another fine day has come and gone. Tomorrow our temperatures are supposed to return to a more normal 70 degree mark. I think a trip to Padre Island or to Mexico may be in the works.

Life is Good!

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