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1 hour plane ride cappadocia airport came very nice, private airport transfers with special cave hotel located in Urgup went. cave hotel room is very large and spacious, warm in winter and cool in summer there was a natural ventilation system. middle fortress here with our tour guide went 2-storey bay windows and garden house consists of fruit. breakfast natural and organic olive cream cheese, jam, honey, ate and drank coffee. Tri Our guide went to the open air museum with Zelvia and here there were numerous cave and the fairy chimneys. many balloons were flying in the sky and from the ground up to an altitude of 200 meters, and here we had a very nice view of cappadocia. cappadocia balloon tour was a celebration with champagne after us.

At Pigeon valley, including numerous pigeon pigeon flights are watched. exp in the middle of the valley and the river flows on both sides of the river are cave. Uchisar the highest point cappadocia cappadocia views were spectacular, and here. We went to the Goreme open air museum, where there were numerous cave fairy chimneys people lived and worshiped here. hidden cave churches and the people here had worshiped Jesus and the prophets, and in the walls are decorated with pictures of virgin mary. avanos numerous works of souvenirs and crafts are made and sold here. Demirkazik and deep-underground cities in which people have used to shelter and hide. 5-7 storey underground cities.

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