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PART NINE Roatan, Honduras

I suppose it is only fair to relate to you, some of the adventures experienced by the various members of our happy little band of Misfits.

On the Island of Roatan, we went to a beautiful beach, where UBI purchased several Buckets of Beer. Not much was seen of UBI after that.

Sassy enjoyed “Sex on the Beach” at Roatan. If I remember correctly, it was something to drink while she was there.

I was glad to hear that since I only had a cold beer.

In Belize, Saucy popped out of a Cake, and we have a picture to prove it. The writing on the Cake hints at how Saucy may have obtained her name. It says simply “Eat Me”.

PART TEN Cozumel Fun

Cozumel seemed to provide the most fodder for this tale.

The entire group of Misfits visited a place called “Pancho’s Back Yard”, a well known watering hole in Cozumel.

Actually, that establishment became a Day Care Center for the Men while the Ladies spent time doing some serious shopping.

Just before the men left the ladies on their own, The Enforcer chased Running Bare through a Curio Shop, knocking over shelves of knick knacks and touristy stuff.

It cost The Enforcer half of his allowance to pay for damaged and destroyed stuff before he was allowed to leave the shop.

Running Bare just grinned!

Speaking of Running Bare, there was a comedian on the ship, who spied Running Bare streaking past the cabins wearing only his Speedo and a big grin.

The Comedian worked that into his act, describing Running Bare as a large, rather portly, individual, wearing a Speedo.

He went on to say that he was quite hairy, looking as if he had stuffed a wet cat down the front of his Speedo.

He failed to notice or mention The Enforcer, who lagged far behind, out of breath, requesting oxygen from anyone who would listen to his plea, which was punctuated with loud gasps for air.

PART ELEVEN Cozumel Fun Continues

Back to the adventure in Cozumel, I must mention that the visit to Pancho’s Back Yard had an effect on the remainder of the evening for several members of the Misfits.

UBI and Sassy formed a duet, singing along with the Band, in the voices of Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Their act seemed to be quite popular and they were offered positions as singers, by the Band Leader.

On the way back to the ship, Doc staggered around on the Pier, begging his wife, Sassy, to not let him fall off the pier into the water. The Pier, several hundred feet in width, made of steel and concrete, seemed very narrow and precarious to Doc, who weaved from side to side, constantly pleading, “Just don’t let me fall in the water!”

Once aboard the ship, there was time for a nap before dinner. Spicy, who had gulped down two very large and quite strong margaritas, took advantage of that opportunity and fell asleep on her bed. We were told by UBI that she was stark bare naked!

UBI, with a glint in his eye and a grin on his face, told her to enjoy her nap, then went in search of the Cabin Steward asking him to “Please make up our cabin as soon as possible.”

I don’t know what happened after that, but the Cabin Steward, appearing traumatized and in need of counseling, later mumbled to UBI that his wife was asleep.

We also noticed that he would no longer make eye contact with Spicy, choosing to look at the floor whenever he and Spicy met in the hall.

UBI simply grinned all the time.

I do hope that you have enjoyed the story. This happy group of Misfits remain good friends and continue to have fun whenever we are together.

Every one is a fine friend and good company. Six of the ten are full-time RV folks, two others are part time RV folks, and all are fun to be around.

May God Bless each of these good friends, as well as you dear readers.

Life is Good!

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