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Heading north in Wyoming

Looks other worldly

Starting to see the Rockies

Sage brush & towers

Lots of cattle

Grasses, sage and Rockies

Amazing scenery

Long winding road to the Rockies

More cattle

Lots of Indian War history here

Long coal trains

Large round bales along the road

Reminds me of crop circles

Crossing into Montana

And now into Crow Country

We see a lot of these

Now a lot of horses

Here we are . . . our campground

Very western themed

Warning on our GPS - we are in for it !!!

We went to the museum anyway

Crow dress decorated with very valuable Elk teeth

Beautiful beaded clothing

Calvary uniforms

Buffalo coat and boots

Blue Coats uniforms

Original stage

Real "brake shoes"

Beautiful variety of arrowheads from the battlefield

Replicas of old buildings

Butcher Shop

Will James

Old cabins

Inside the cabins

Original Train Depot

Mining cars

Original caboose

Keeping warm inside the caboose

Look, another Pronghorn

Today we left for just across the Woming border to the north in Garryowen, Montana. We headed up there to see the battlefield of Little Big Horn for a few days. As we traveled through Wyoming we certainly saw some interesting landscape & strange rock formations. Sometimes it looks like another planet, other areas are green, lush rolling hills. In the distance we can see the Rockies; as we traveled along there were scenes of sage brush and rock towers. There were plenty of cattle, long coal trains, interesting crop designs and Indian War history along the way.

After crossing into Montana, we also entered into "Crow Country" and it was beautiful. We saw a lot of the tall windmills, probably for water pumps to bring water up for all the wild horses we saw roaming the hills.

We arrived at the 7th Ranch RV Park surrounded by green rolling hills. After settling in we went to a recommended museum of the history of the area and the Crow people and white settlers. While walking around the outdoor exhibit, the skies got very black, so we scurried back, barely reaching our rig in time to put the awnings in and take the flags down. Several storms rolled thru one after the other with high winds and some rain. Then when the storms passed, a rainbow appeared. It was still windy most of night.

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