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PART FOUR Harassment Increases

Just two weeks before our sailing date, I spoke on the phone with Running Bare. He explained that he had been shopping for a Tie to wear on Formal Nights on the ship.

Since he was planning on his entire wardrobe consisting of a thong and a Speedo, Sassy suggested that the new Tie be

Quite Long and Wide!

Running Bare was nonplussed as he replied that he was thinking more of a Bow Tie!

Oh this cruise was going to be so much fun!

One more thing happened which demonstrates the effect of contemplating travel with someone named “Jinx”.

Running Bare & Shots each received a gift card for some spending money on the cruise. However, the gift cards were for the Carnival Cruise line and we are sailing on the Princess Cruise Line.

It is clearly the fault of Jinx that this happened.

Either that, or an attempt by The Enforcer to make Running Bare board a different ship than the rest of us.

As the week for our departure arrived, it was decided that Running Bare, Shots, UBI, and Spicy would all ride together, and fitting all of their luggage into one small car might be a bit difficult.

Running Bare called us to ask if he could send his luggage with us, since we were going to Houston alone. “Sure” I replied, “Bring it over on Wednesday”.

He promised to do that and I explained to Sassy that, although we have a small car and quite a bit of luggage ourselves, it would be no problem to take Running Bares’ luggage with us.

He packed it all in a zip-lock baggie. His thong and a necktie all folded up neatly. I asked about his Speedo and he explained that he was going to wear that!

He also said he didn’t even have to pack a razor because Saucy was going to bring a large, industrial sized container of Nair. He seemed elated!

On Friday the entire group headed off to Houston to stay overnight in a Motel, where a Bon Voyage Party was scheduled for the evening before our ship sailed off into the sunset on Saturday.

The Enforcer sent the address for the Motel off to everyone, to make sure they knew where to go.

Well, except for Running Bare. The Enforcer sent him to a Motel near the International Airport, which is on the opposite side of the city.

That is the first time we have seen The Enforcer smiling, as he contemplated Running Bare scratching his head, wondering where everybody is. Hee Hee.

The ladies, God Bless ‘em, were all packed, days before the cruise, but the guys didn’t begin packing until a few minutes before leaving for Houston.

Well, all except Running Bare, who has been packed ever since buying the new tie. He slipped the new tie into the baggie holding his thong and he was ready to go!

Life is Good

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