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Morning Coffee Stop

Guess Where The Cache Is!

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Old Arabic Well

Well Ethel (our GPS) excelled herself today. She caused us loads of problems including trying to take us down a one way street in one town & then taking us down another road in a housing area which was closed off at the end by posts set in the ground. Fortunately for us I was able to take out one post to get through or we would really have had fun trying to turn round with Doris(the scooter) on the back. All morning she kept taking strange routes as we went along. Fortunately I overruled her on a number of occasions when she tried to head us up narrow country roads. We did finally get to our selected site for the day and when I checked her over she had somehow set herself up to take the shortest route to our destination. I normally select the fastest route as this avoids the sort of problems we encountered today. Anyway she has had a good talking to & been reset to offer the choice of routes so she will hopefully behave herself now.

Our site today is an Aire site at a tennis club near a town called Vera back near the coast again. There aren't many sites in our books heading inland towards Grenada so the coast offers the most choice & with so many motorhomes on all the sites we are beginning to worry a bit about finding a site every night. The one today was no problem as it had a lot of spare spaces but it is a bit off the beaten track so not surprising. The tennis club is very smart & seems a bit out of place out here away from the town. It must be popular though as there is a paved landing strip & small hangars quite close. Viv reckons Andy Murray flies out here for practice.

By the time we did get here today & get a late lunch it was nearly 3.30pm so we went off as usual looking for geocaches. I hadn't expected there to be any out in the sticks but with the help of our geocaching App & wifi I found five about a mile or so away so we headed out to find them. The weather had warmed up nicely during the day & the temperature was up in the mid sixties so, apart from a stiff breeze, it was a lovely afternoon as we headed out into the wild countryside with very few signs of life as we got further away from the tennis club.

We skirted several fields of what looked like young lettuce plants laid out in row after row & we also passed groves of lemon trees on our way. We tracked three of the caches before turning back as we didn't want to be out in the wilds when it got dark. As it was we must have walked 4-5 miles. One cache was up the top of a hill but the other two were down on more level ground. We did come across a flock of sheep grazing on the side of the hill & we also found an ancient Arabic well which was very deep & not well fenced, a bit dangerous.

We made it back to the site by 6pm so all was well.

Mileage to date - 1793

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