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PART THREE The Christmas Exchange

As the time for the cruise grew closer, Spicy ordered those sexy T-shirts for the group of Misfits.

They were quite attractive!

The shirts, weren’t bad looking either!

Running Bare and Shots were the last couple in our group to arrive in the Rio Grande Valley.

They had worked at Amazon in Coffeyville, Kansas, until shortly before Christmas, then returned to Missouri, to share the holidays with family before getting on the road to the Rio Grande Valley.

The Enforcer and Saucy spent Christmas with their family in the Dallas area, then returned to the RGV to prepare for the cruise.

Jinx and Sugar have family in the Dallas area also, and drove up there for Christmas.

That left UBI and Spicy to share Christmas with Doc & Sassy.

Much of the talk around the Christmas Dinner Table, was of the upcoming cruise.

Part of the plan was for the group to gather at a Motel in Seabrook, Texas, only a couple of miles from the port where the ship waited for us.

The “Bon Voyage” party would be held the night before the ship was to sail.

With Christmas falling a short time before the cruise date, we thought about exchanging names among the Misfits, and received some ideas back from the members of the group.

If my memory serves me correctly, or even if it doesn’t, here is the tale of the Christmas exchange among the Misfits.

“Running Bare” sent a nice gift to “Jinx“, but it was destroyed when it fell from the delivery truck and was run over.

“Sassy” made a variety of Jello Shots for “Shots”, hoping she would be allowed to share them.

“UBI” sent a pair of ear plugs to “Little Bit“, along with a recording of his most infamous one liners.

“Giggles” sent “UBI” a Whoopee Cushion to surprise unsuspecting strangers or other Misfits, who might try to take a deck chair next to him.

“The Enforcer” sent “Running Bare” a Robe and a ticket for a different cruise.

“Saucy” wrapped a Large Economy Size Container of Nair and sent it to “The Enforcer,” with orders that it was to be used when he catches up with Running Bare, whom she says resembles Sasquatch.

“Sugar” sent “Spicy” a book titled “How to eat anything, and enjoy it!”

“Doc” gave “Sugar” a notepad and several pens, to record the adventures and misadventures of the group members, as they happen.

“Spicy” sent “Doc” a book listing Restaurants which are closed and no longer in business.

“Jinx” purchased a beautiful, expensive, piece of jewelry for “Saucy” but was mugged and robbed on the way home.

“Little Bit” sent a pair of soft soled dancing shoes to “Sassy” in an effort to prevent damage to the tables on board the ship.

“Shots” sent a Patrick McManus book to “Giggles”, suspecting that “Little Bit” may have destroyed the others so she would not have to listen to him giggling all the time, especially in bed.

So, thus ended the Christmas holiday and the date for the cruise continued to creep closer and closer.

Tomorrow we’ll post part four.

Life is Good!

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