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Bento Box

Bento Box lunch

Courtyard at Pioneer Inn (Best Western) in Lahaina where we stored our...

Shopping Lahaina

Shopping Lahaina

View from Lahaina shops - better than the shopping - expensive!!! Fun...

Outside of the Pioneer Inn

Banyan Tree in town square

Bird begging in the sqaure

I was wrong! The Molokai hotel does have free internet service in the rooms. After a wonderfully fun lunch - they brought us bento box lunches of teriyaki chicken, bar-b-que ribs, rice, salad and coconut gelatin pudding thing that looked like tofu but tasted wonderful - we bussed into Lahania.

Lahaina is a very old whaling town. In its town square is a Banyan tree that has spread to all corners of the square. Like any town square there are begging birds. I had a quick bite (from Burger King - it was quick) and feed the extra bread on the bun to the birds and watched them tussle over the pieces.

When we first got to Lahaina we left our bags in a beautiful courtyard at the Old Pioneer Inn - its a Best Western. If you are only in Lahaina for a day or so I would highly recommend this place. Its right at the dock to go to Molokai. It walking distance from everything and it is just a nice quaint hotel.

Lots of nice shopping at Lahaina. I bought a new sundress that I hope will come in handy sometime I am over here. There are also several museums and a nicely laid out walking tour I will save for next month. Then there are also HORRIBLE expensive restaurants. Glad we ate at the hotel before we came here!

We caught the ferry at 6:00 pm. We had had rain storms early this morning and there was a question whether the ferry would even run but it cleared up and though the waves were rough we sailed. It was very choppy. I sat up on the top deck with a bunch of high school students that were going over to Molokai for what they called the Molokai games. This group was doing a competition in the Hawaiian language. Like all high school kids they where playing around. One guy was weaving a crown of palm leaves. They were playing Hawaiian music and using hand motions to it. Then several of the younger guys - probably freshmen were challenging each other to stand on not hold on to the railing. No one was doing well with that. Toward the end of the trip, as we were coming into port, the wind kicked up (apparently it always gets windy as they pull into this port) and if the captain hit the waves just right the spray would kick up and spray the top deck. Who could get most drenched seemed to be part of the game.

I came through the trip wonderfully but others were rather green around the gills. We got to port about 8:00 and then they took us to a hamburger place where we were served the best dinner so far - salmon, rice, a steamed cauliflower/broccoli/green bean/carrot mix, salad and a fabulous melted chocolate cake thing with crunchy caramel pieces and melted caramel topping. Awesome.

Then we got to the hotel and without even unpacking I went to sleep exhausted and slept until 5:30. We have to be at breakfast at 6:45 and I am late. So goodbye for now! I will post pictures later today.

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