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PART TWO…….. T-Shirts and Names

It was about one month before the cruise when I woke during the night thinking about what I could write and decided on some names for each of us, with thoughts as to how the names could apply to each of the group members.

Remembering the conversation with Jesse & Ginger, things sort of came together.

The group shall hereafter be known as “The Misfits.”

We decided to have T-shirts made, with each person’s name written on their shirt.

Ginger volunteered to take care of that and then we all owed her money.

First, here are the names for the guys.

Bob….“Running Bare.” He took three pieces of clothing for the cruise. A Thong, a Speedo, and at the last moment he threw in a necktie for “Formal Nights”.

He spends a lot of time contemplating himself streaking past the cabins with a big grin on his face.

This thought is much more appealing to Running Bare than to the remaining members of the Misfits.

Mike….“The Enforcer“. An ex police officer he is kept busy trying to corral Running Bare and keep him under control. He generally follows the sound of ladies screaming in his search for Running Bare.

The Enforcer seems to be a highly distraught individual, high strung, with a nervous twitch. He sighs constantly, and mumbles under his breath a lot. Large glasses of Scotch seem to have a calming effect on him. Lot’s of Scotch!

Chuck…. “Jinx“. He frequently regales the group with stories from his career at sea, working as a crew member on a shrimp boat. He seems to have a Black Cloud hanging over his head all the time, as bad things happen to him constantly, much to the delight of the other members of the group. Of course the other members of the group have to be constantly alert for mishaps caused by hanging out with Jinx.

Jesse….“UBI“, pronounced “You Be”. Short for useless bits of information. He spends his time researching trivia to share with the group.

He continues his life-long quest for the answer to the age old question, “What is the shelf life of Viagra?”

UBI is well known for his “One Liners” which crack up the entire group of Misfits, and anyone else within ear shot.

At a Dairy Queen in Mercedes, Texas, he once made a guy in the next booth, fall onto the floor laughing.

Ed….“Doc,” short for Documenter of the adventures and misadventures of the Misfits as the cruise takes place.

The other members try to disparage his “Truth Telling”, by calling him names. The most frequently used name is “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”.

Now for the Ladies:

Janet….“Shots.” Appearing to be quiet and shy, Shots is married to Running Bare.

Only by partaking frequently of Jello Shots, does she manage to survive the ordeal.

Now if we could just keep her from dancing on the tables after gulping a couple of those Jello Shots.

Marian…“Saucy“. She earned her name by being a combination of sweet and spicy. She is the sauce which enhances the flavor of the group of Misfits and binds them together. She is married to The Enforcer. Saucy is the true leader of the tribe and constantly encourages her husband, The Enforcer, to “Go Get Him”, referring to Running Bare. She was last seen handing her husband a can of “Nair” to spray on Running Bare when he catches him.

Ginger…“Spicy“. Very selective about where she eats, what she eats, where she goes, where she rides in a car, etc, etc, the other members of the group call her “Picky”.

She seems very choosy about everything except the company she keeps. She is married to UBI.

Coletta….“Sugar.” Married to Jinx, she is very sweet and demure on the surface. With a sly, Mona Lisa, smile on her face, she watches everything going on and secretly reports to Doc, trusting, that with her help, only the unvarnished truth will be related in any stories which might be spread around once the cruise comes to an end.

Marilyn….“Sassy” She is the Happy go Lucky, Carefree, spouse of Doc. She goes her own way, oblivious to things going on around her. That’s the way she likes it!

She has been known to join Shots in her dance on the table.

There are two more characters who choose to remain in the background of this tale.

Trent…. “Giggles” He loves to read Patrick McManus books while sipping a Margarita from a flimsy, red, plastic Cup. The McManus stories and the cup hold a special place in the hearts of Giggles and his wife “Little Bit”.

Teresa…. “Little Bit” Also a Margarita lover, Little Bit likes to sing aloud, her favorite song, “Red Solo Cup”.

I think it reminds her of her Honeymoon.

She tends to plug her ears with her fingers whenever UBI begins cracking One Liners.

From this point on, in the story, all the participants will be known by their adopted names.

Part Three Tomorrow

Yep, Life is Good!

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