Our RV site #151

The view out our rear window.

Office where you check into upon arrival

the lake on the property, very low due to a drought in...

Wind blown oaks all thru the park

Down at the bay, there are many private docks like these, but...

A view from our table at a restaurant, Charlotte Plummers

A beautiful and easy drive of 204 miles on a sunny day to this fabulous Gulf Coast area. Rockport sits just a little north of Corpus Christie. Checking our calendar, it's been 4 years since we've been here. Time to see whats changed? However, this park does not have a view of the bay as it's name implied. Maybe, at one time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth! ! ! It is just two blocks from the water.

Our third day here, we had 4 couples over for our usual 4 o'clock gathering, everyone enjoyed the social. These gatherings are usually an hour long but we keep serving till the last people depart. The 4 o'clock gatherings is a tradition we who are in the Escapees RV Club like to keep in vogue. These late afternoon get togethers started way back in 1978 and to this day Escapees everywhere end their day with friends and strangers alike.

Some of the things we expect to do while here are fishing, bird watching and some golf. In between we'll see some sights we hadn't seen on our previous trip, such as tour the King Ranch.

Stay tuned right here for updates telling of all the interesting things we do in this lovely area.

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