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The recent cruise we were on was a Blast! It was made even better by the fun of being with good friends.

We called ourselves “The Misfits” and planned this adventure for a long time, with much bantering and laughter along the way.

Because of that, I decided to attempt writing a short story with some humor thrown in, about our adventures along the way.

As they say, this story is based on fact with lots of exaggeration thrown in. In other words, some fact and lots of fiction.

I have now decided to allow all of you dear readers to share in the story, so I will post it in several chapters, beginning with today’s blog.

Here is Chapter One.


“The Idea Takes Root”

The idea of a Cruise for our happy group of friends, was first approached last winter, during a Happy Hour, when 4 of the couples were in Arizona together.

During the summer, when we were in Colorado together, things became much more serious as the Cruise discussion continued, and two more couples, dear friends all, were added to the group.

You may only imagine the enthusiasm, when a bunch of friends begin brainstorming about a mutual adventure. Before we knew it, a cruise was selected, dates set, deposits made, and the fun in planning began.

As the time grew closer, the general harassment of each other grew in earnest. Every time the cruise was mentioned, it brought forth, laughter and much anticipation of the fun to be had once we were all together.

Alas, one couple, Trent & Teresa, had to withdraw their plan to join us. They hated to miss the cruise and we were going to miss them for sure.

One evening this winter, while Marilyn & I were spending an evening with Jesse & Ginger, we began plotting together, with ideas to make the cruise even more fun.

We discussed the idea of naming our little happy band and discussed possible names for the group.

We first thought of a “Tribe” of Misfits and wanted to come up with an Indian name for each member.

That idea was left hanging but during the night, I awoke with some thoughts about this running through my mind.

With this particular group of friends, it might be easy to come up with many funny stories about the cruise experience.

I decided to attempt to write a funny story about the cruise.

Tomorrow I’ll post Part Two, about the T-Shirts and the names for each member of the Misfits.

Life is Good!

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