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Murcia Cathedral

Murcia Garden Square

Convent Gardens

Empty Chinese Restaurant

Sneaky Cache Hidden In Fake Bolt

Lovely sunny morning but still very cold until the sun gets high. Our electric tripped out during the night so the electric heater cut out also. No problem just cold getting up & dressed.

A Norwegian couple were on the pitch opposite us so I had a quick chat with them, not in Norwegian, about motor homing in Norway. They have come all the way down from near Oslo & expect to clock up about 9,000 miles by the time they have been on to Portugal & then back to Norway. That's a good trip I expect to do around 4,000 miles on our present trip. He did say that everything in Norway is expensive, especially diesel which I didn't really want to hear.

This morning we decided that we would stay a second night on this site, unload Doris(the scooter) & ride into Murcia for a look around. It was only 5 miles away so didn't take long to get into the centre & park up. It is quite a big city with a university & a cathedral as well as other sights. As usual we headed for the local tourist office to pick up a map & suss out what there is to see. I'd also loaded half a dozen geocaches onto my phone so we set off with map & phone to see the sights. We were right next to the cathedral so that was visited first then we did the first geocache which was behind the cathedral. Then we meandered around the old part of the city visiting the sights & the caches.

It has to be said that the Spanish have some wonderful cathedrals & churches, in fact they have a load of them & they all seem to be outdoing each other in their ornateness. You don't seem to get a good old plain church like what we have in England. The statues, the painted ceilings, the decorated altars really are spectacular but you can have too much of a good thing as you tend to get church crazy if you visit to many in too short a time. We did visit one particularly interesting building with a church attached. It was originally a Moslem mosque which was taken over by the Catholic Church and the summer palace building it was attached to was turned into a convent occupied by a closed order of nuns. Apparently there are only six elderly nuns who still reside in part of the building. The rest, set round an open cloister garden,has been converted to a museum displaying the Moslem history on the ground floor and the Catholic history on the first floor.

We were going to have a light lunch but on our way back to the main square we spotted a Chinese restaurant offering a ' menu del dia' which looked tasty, especially at just €7.30(£6.10). We like these 'menu of the day' as they offer a starter, a main course & a pudding plus a drink & bread all for a set price. The one we had in Valencia last Friday evening was a typical Spanish one but we enjoy a Chinese meal & this looked very tempting so we went into the rather large & very empty restaurant thinking that it was probably closed. But no, a waiter rushed to us, probably to stop us sneaking back out, & ushered us to a table. At least we were assured of personal service as we were the only customers. Things didn't bode well but all turned out great. I had a hot soup starter & Viv had a largish plate of salad before good sized plates of rice & noodles arrived followed by a dish of beef in oyster sauce & one of sweet & sour pork. We both had a soft drink and instead of bread we had a bowl of prawn crackers to nibble on. A very enjoyable meal at a very good price with no hidden extras.

We did track down another cache in the afternoon but soon headed back to pick up Daisy & wend our way back to our site for a rest sitting out in the warm afternoon sunshine.

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