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Serious Motorhoming In Calpe

Alquerias Aires Site

In Amongst The Lemons

Local Church


The wind got up during the night & we got rocked around a bit. A lot of the long stay campers had to stack away there tables & chairs etc as it was quite a strong blow. We didn't have any loose stuff outside to blow away so we were alright apart from the rocking. The wind brought some warmer air with it as it wasn't as cold this morning as it has been.

Anyway we decided that we had done all that we wanted to do in Calpe so we packed up & moved out. There was a Lidl store close by so Viv stocked us up again with foodstuff. Mustn't let her get used to eating out & not cooking.

For the next leg of the trip we decided to head inland away from the coast to see if there were fewer motorhomers away from the coast. The scenery was very impressive with mountain ranges all around making the driving more interesting.

We picked an Aires site set in amongst lemon groves near the city of Murcia. The site turned out to be lovely & it was set right in amongst the lemon groves. There were lemon trees everywhere. We were lucky though as there were only 3 pitches left on the site, the other 28 all had motorhomes parked up on them. So even away from the coast the motorhomers are filling the sites. Fortunately ewe got there about lunch time or we might have missed out as several other rigs turned up during the afternoon.

Guess what? Yes we went for a walk through the lemon groves after we had our late lunch & logged the only geocache I could locate in the area. For those who don't know you can go online to & search for caches in any part of the world. We actually use an App which brings up the caches in the area local to our location with all their coordinates & details which we then store on my phone or Viv's tablet. We then use that to lead us to the location of the cache. The GPS position that it takes us to is only accurate within limits so It is then a case of following the clues given to actually find the hidden cache & record your visit in the cache's log.

After logging the cache we continued our walk around to the small local village before returning to the site. This site has free wifi so that always helps us catch up with the news from home & family & me to catch up with our travel log. I did also finally get through to Lloyd's Bank travel people & extend our annual travel insurance cover from 32 days to 93 days per trip. I forgot to do this before leaving the UK & it needed to be in place before our 32 days would be up, sometime in early February. As we are looking to go for an extended tour to Norway & Sweden later in the year we should get our monies worth.

Mileage to date - 1690

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