Moore's on Tour 2013/14 travel blog

Great display of pots etc in the dinning area

Keeping warm at breakfast

Looking back towards Kagbeni

Everyone is struggling with the up

The scenery is pretty stark but stunning at the same time

Muktinath in the distance, still a couple of hours off

It's pretty cold up here

Every step now is hard but now far to go

Don't fancy doing washing today


The things you see, lol

View from roof of hotel

Nepalese porter dancing for locals and Korean visitors

Children clapping and watching the spectacle

Mothers watch on

Donations from Koreans

Dahl Baht and Tibetan bread

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Nepalese porter dancing to traditional song and view of Muktinath

When Caleb and I went to sit down near the kitchen there was a large mouse with its head missing laying under one of the small tables. It was hilarious to watch the young girl and lady laughing and trying to deal with it. It was a really nice exchange with us laughing with them. Odd where these situations can come up.

We were a bit slow getting going this morning. Thomas' cough wasn't any better and Caleb hadn't had the best sleep in the room with him.

This is to be one of those days where decisions probably should have been made differently but this is what did happen.

Headed off in an upward direction and it wasn't long before Thomas was over it, (being unwell). It was mentioned at this point as to if we continue on or head back to Jomsom. I'll put my hand up to say I was encouraging the onward idea, but in my defence I hadn't seen the elevation map, only heard Kelvin talk mention numbers. We continued on to rise 1000mts in 9kms over 5 1/2 hrs, which starting at 2800mt isn't a good idea when some people are more susceptible to altitude sickness than others.

By the time I was having my serious doubts and Caleb was cross because I had said we would fly up and walk down, we were well over half way. (Nepalese people have their own idea of time or distance so its hard to make suitable decisions sometimes ).

We followed a road most of the way up which was just taunting us really, but it may have been too fast a way up for Kelvin.

By the time we struggled into Muktinath (3802 mt) Kelvin was feeling quite unwell, headache, dizzy and nauseous, (but had kept it to himself). The rest of the day saw Kelvin and Thomas in bed and Caleb resting a bit. I went out to sort out water and have a walk around the small village, I even managed to do shopping (had to have something to commemorate our visit here).

Caleb and I watched, from the hotel roof top, a group of Koreans that had brought clothes and medical supplies up for the village and they were all singing and dancing for each other, Korean and Nepalese alike.

By the evening Caleb had a head ache and Kelvin was feeling no better. We all had dinner ( no one finished) but going up and down the steps made Caleb's head hurt more each time. Tried to get him to have pain killers but that just made him sick. I left Kelvin and Caleb in one room and slept in with Thomas. Not much sleep between worry and Thomas coughing. Just waiting till the morning so we could head down. I only ever had a slight headache.

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