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Along the way the driver pointed out another lava tube "daylighting" right...

Welcome Center for Pu'ukohola Heiau NHP

Structure built by Kamehameha I to fulfill prophecy that said whoever built...

Overhead view of the temple

The new temple and the old (below). After the new was built...

Kona Airport - built air traffic control center - no air traffic...

Kona Airport - longest airport in Hawaii - has landed the Concorde

A farm of solar energy panels

After visiting Kaloko-Honokohau NHP we drove north to Pu'ukohola Heiau near Kawaihae, Hawaii. This was the site of the last major temple built on the islands. This temple was built by Kamehamaha I in 1790-1791. A prophecy had said that whoever built this "temple on the hill of the Whale" would rule over all the Hawaiian Islands.

A temple had been constructed just below it previously but K-I's spiritual advisor told him it would not do to just reconstruct the old one, a new one had to be built so he had his people work for over a year - passing stones by hand over 35 miles to build this structure.

The old structure was then used as a sort of a fort. By this time Englishmen had been living with the Hawaiians and K-I had begun using muskets. When asked to teach his men to use the muskets the Englishmen replied that the warriors were too trigger happy but he would teach the women. The women used this old structure as the base for defense of the village. Standing three deep the first row would shoot, reload, the second row would shoot, reload and by then the first row was ready to shoot again.

After this visit we went to Spencer Beach for a picnic lunch. The park was crowded because it was a Sunday and lots of local families were using the park. There was a wedding reception being set up in the shelter house. We had sandwiches that had been brought in ice chests (I had ham).

I went swimming (wore my suit under my cover-up). Several of the women went in. I don't think any of the men did. The water was perfect. Very refreshing.

We then drove back to the Sheraton via Kona.

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