We arrive for our vehicle weigh in, its been 6 1/2 years...

First the truck gets weighed, each axle and wheel separately

This is what it looks like

These scales are accurate within 1%, Wow!

Lastly the RV gets weighed, every axle and each wheel.

As it turns out, we're heavy by 1,000 pounds ! We've got...

Take a moment to look at the detailed data.

Read carefully the data for each wheel

That is a lot of data, but it all means safety and...

It's been about 6 1/2 years since we weighed our 5'er, we figured we are very much overdue. As full-timers there is a tendency to carry a bunch of stuff. Usually it's tools, "emergency", extra and "can't-live-without" stuff that people accumulate and it all adds up to gained weight! It's the other version of the "RV Spread". Now after a few years on the road and not really knowing how much weight we've gained we wanted to find out for sure. More importantly is the safety aspect of the knowledge the weighing gives us. When it's all over, we'll know if any extra weight is on the front, back, right or left side. After paying our $55 fee, the process was fast and informative. It only took about 40 minutes from first scales under the front tires of the Ram, to salutations from the after weight briefing from the pro. It was by far THE most accurate and detailed weighing we've had for our coach.

In brief, we learned our hitch weight is 3450lbs, the 5'er is 18,050 lbs (1,050 lbs over GVWR) making our combined vehicle weight 26,210 lbs or 13.10 tons! The Ram is 8,160 lbs by itself, then 11,610 with the trailer hitched up.

Enjoy the couple pics we've got for you. For safety sake get weighed then take action to loose the weight! That, loosing weight will be another post here for you to enjoy......

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