South America - 2013/14 travel blog

The kids favourit new drink.

One of the cool sandcastles.

The beach.

Toby being taken out by a wave with Tash watching.

The family at the fig tree.

The pool at the Unique.

Tash and Felix building sandcastles.

Tobes enjoying the waves.

The bikini umbrella.

The beach.

The two brothers moutain.

The Copacabana Palace.

The pool at our hotel in Rio.

Sao Paolo.

So we had a lovely relaxing day our last day in Rio – we spent the morning on the beach, where Toby spent all of his time in the waves and made some friends (not that they spoke the same language!), I manged to start shopping on the beach! We walked around town abit trying to do a bit more shopping – Toby desperately looking for a yo-yo, but we just ended up with some havaianas and then after lunch a new handbag for me, much to the disgust of my family. Mick then headed off to try and find a specifc bottle of wine and I walked back along the beach with the kids and got ice-cream. We then headed back to the beach for the late afternoon – I had caught way too much sun in the morning so had to stay under the umbrella.

In the evening, we took a taxi to Copacabana beach, (with a Baray Manilow song in our heads) the plan was to have a drink at the Copacabana Palace, but it took us too long to get there, so instead we walked along the beach looking at the amazing sand castles. We had a lovely supper at a great place in Ipanema, Toby had worn himself out in the waves and fell asleep on the table!

We had a quick dip in the sea his morning and then left the hotel for the airport – the check-in was painfully slow and it felt like the air-con had broken. Having said that we took off 5 minutes early and the flght to Sao Paolo was only 45 minutes. We were met by our guide (a rather strange bloke with some very storn views on the political situation and history of his country), we lunched at a lovely restaurant with a huge old (estimated to be 400 years old) fig tree in the middle of it. We tried to drag everything out at our flight only leaves at 2.30 in the morning. We did a bit of shopping and tried to go to the Sky Bar at the Unique hotel, but it was raining so we decided to head straight to the airport. It is now 8.45 and check-in only starts at 10.45, so again we are trying to kill some time.

And so we say Adios to our holiday, but have our memories and photos.........

Best day of the holiday – Base of the Towers trek in Torres del Paines (4 votes to 1), Toby says the day in Ushaia

Best view of the holiday – Torres del Paines (unanimous)

Best hotel of the holiday – The Singular

Favourite location of the holiday – Easter Island (Toby), Atacama (Felix), Explora Patagonia (Mum, Dad and Tash)

Coolest guide of the holiday – Gabriella (Toby and Felix), Pistu (Mum, Dad and Tash)

What are we going to miss......

Mum – experiencing something new everyday and watching Toby, Felix and Tash do the same.

Dad – no one thing in particular.

Toby – everything except Buenos Aires and Valparaiso

Felix – cool rock formations.

Tash – spending really nice time with my family.

What are we not going to miss.......

Mum – having to repack suitcases (a lot) and smelly hiking socks and boots.

Dad – checking under the kids beds everytime we leave a hotel.

Toby – sharing a room and having to move rooms too often.

Felix – sharing a room.

Tash – having to share a room with my brothers.

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