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Welcome to this news service provided by the inhabitants of Burning Shores Backpackers.


Joong Gab and Who? departed for pastures new last week and were quickly followed by a Swedish drunk by the name of Jonass. This means we are currently down to 5 remaining contestants in the struggle to be the last person staying. Favourite at the moment would have to be Brad but even he nearly suffered a heart attack when his van "disappeared" on Sunday morning. On his return from a late night session which must have finished very late, he arrived back to see that his van had been snatched. Luckily for Brad, who for a few minutes had contemplated suicide, the "burgler" was in fact Hugo who had borrowed it to take Paula and Alan to work. PHEW.


Things are not looking good for the IGA in Red Cliffs. Analysts report that half year profits may be down on what was originally forecast. Store Manager Mick was quoted on Tuesday as "being very disappointed in the sudden downturn in sales of pasta, mince, steak, diet coke, Sara Lee desserts and Black+ Gold toilet paper." "Fucked if I know whats happened" is all the disgruntled boss could venture at this stage. Staff layoffs are being predicted.


The local pool comp at the Red Cliffs Hotel had a distinctly Irish flavour this week as three Paddys progressed to the semis, with final being an All-Irish affair. Highly-rated Alan Dooley was disgusted to have eventually lost to his Dublin opponent on the black and was reported to have been spotted crying as he departed the scene. Dubliner Johnny admitted afterwards that the better man had lost and wanted to arm-wrestle for the prize money. Dooley was having none of it as he had injured his wrist lifting a box of grapes earlier in the day.


In other news, the numbers of Brown Bears in the Mildura area seems to have decreased severely in the past few weeks. Park Rangers admit to never having seen anything like the spate of bears who ravaged the countryside between February and late April. One source admitted "Something didnt quite smell right"


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