Alan and Paula hit Australia 2003/2004 travel blog

G'day from Mildura.

I'm slightly hungover at the moment so some of this email might seem like gibberish.

Everything is going brill over here. At the mo we're stuck in Mildura which is about nine hours northwest of Melbourne. We're doing farm work and trying to save money to go to Perth. Unfortunately because of the Irish colony we've created at the hostel and our habitual sessions, this has proved a bit tricky.

The weather up here is gorgeous with temperatures below 25 very rare so Paula has a great tan and I'm slowly catching up a bit. We were staying at the same hostel before Christmas, so when we as good as ran out of money up in Queensland we decided to come back because of the work and the fact that Paula's brothers had arrived there and she hadn't seen them since they arrived.

Recap - When we left here first we went to Sydney for New Years Eve and spent a lot of money seeing the sights over the course of two weeks. Went to the Blue Mountains for a weekend which was good. My cousins friend hired a car so we could do whatever took our fancy.

So when the money got low we had to evacuate north to Tully, the wettest place in Australia, where we did three weeks of the most gruelling and depressing work known to mankind - bananas. Truly an experience, but not recommended.

When it got to the stage where we could take no more, off we trekked to Mission Beach for a few relaxing days. Money was definetely an issue at this stage, but thankfully Paula got access to her account from home so we had enough money to do a few things. A lot of planning went in to the next stage as we wanted to do the Whitsunday sailing trip and Fraser Island.

Ended up just doing the sailing but it was a great trip(apart from the dull weather). Our schedule was so tight we had to get a bus to Brisbane the same day we finished the trip. If we didn't get the bus, we'd miss the flight to Adelaide and then the bus to Mildura.

Then there was rumours of a cyclone in Cairns that had stopped all the buses. Panic spread like wildfire cos we would have had about 100 dollars to our name if the bus had not have come. Thankfully it did and we spent 18 hours on a bus, then 4 on a plane, then when we got to Adelaide we were staying with my uncle-in-laws brother for a night.

You can imagine after all that travelling we just wanted a bed, but of course Alan decided to go and lock Betty's car keys in the boot with the bags, so we had to wait another hour for the RAC to get there.

So here we are back again in Mildura, working our little socks off. We'll probably have to book a function room in a hotel and have a group session where everyone can see the photos cos there's fucking thousands of them. There's one or two good ones though so it should be good.

We have a bit of Galway colony in the hostel. There's only 19 of us in total and only two south koreans are not connected in some way.

Short list of them :

Robert (Paula's Brother) + his girlfriend Hereen

Steve (Paula's Brother) + his girlfriend Gemma

Robs friends: Paul + Felim (identical redhaired twins), Shane + Connell

Lisa (Canadian who's going out with Paul)

Kelly (South Korean who's going out with Felim)

Ronan + Caroline (think you met Silky before-played soccer)

So we have a nice group of experienced drinkers who keep the atmosphere upbeat and thankfully there's no Germans.

Perth is the next stop on our adventure so hopefully we'll make it there before the end of May.

Go to go now - this is the longest email I've ever written and I seriously need McDonalds. Mmmmmmm, Big Mac.

Write back and tell us all the gossip from back home.

Lots of love

Alan and Paula

For all the weather lovers, its 12.30 in the afternoon in Mid April and its 35 Celsius with not a cloud to be seen. Ciao

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