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Entrance to the Alhambra

David at Carlos V Palace

Inside the Church of Santa Maria de la Alhambra

Inside the Mosque Hamam

Grenada Mosaic courtyard

Alhambra ceiling

Door within a door, by the Parador Hotel (former convent)

We found a squirrel in the courtyard

Nasrid Palace

Nasrid Palace

The "Alhambra Vase" at Nasrid Palace

Inside the Nasrid Palace

David at the Court of the Lions

Another view of the Court of the Lions

Magnificent ceilings at Nasrid Palace

Huge door with beautiful inlaid wood patterns


Alhambra courtyard


A view from the Alhambra

Alhambra courtyard

Another view from the Alhambra

Carlos V Palace from the Alcazaba (fortress)

The watchtower in the Alcazaba.


From the top of the watchtower. That's David sitting down there.

Alhambra promenade

It rained all day yesterday so again so after a nice sleep in and a leisurely brunch we had an “in Homer” day.

Today we woke up to patches of blue sky so we set off to catch 2 buses to the Alhambra. The bus stop is right across the road, weekdays buses run every 15mins and the fare was €1.50 each into Central Granada. From there we had about a 20 minute wait for the No. 13 bus to take us to the Alhambra. At peak times you must book ahead for a time slot to visit the Nasrid Palaces but we walked straight up to the ticket office and booked our time for 2pm in the afternoon, (€13 each) leaving us time to walk around the “free” parts of the Alhambra (including the museum in the Carlos V Palace) beforehand. Access to the Islamic Palaces is restricted to your time on the ticket, and we couldn’t enter the Alcazaba (fortress area) and the Generalife gardens and Palace (one of the oldest surviving Moorish gardens) until after 2pm either. We had a coffee and a snack before 2pm – the ham roll was dry and hard but the coffee was good. It didn’t seem necessary to restrict access at this time of the year when there are so few visitors but there were lots a staff about so I guess they had to have something to do!

The sun came out and we had a lovely day exploring this UNESCO Heritage Site. It is a beautiful place, although the gardens were obviously not at their best being winter time. We caught the bus back to town to discover the last stop was not where we got on! With our limited Spanish we found our way back to the river, and an unmarked bus-stop where we caught the bus back to La Zubia. We got off at the Mercadona and did a small shop before walking back to camp, feeling a bit weary.

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