Alan and Paula hit Australia 2003/2004 travel blog

Hello to everybody back home.

Sorry we havent had the chance to write but we have been working our arses off. We have been doing work on the Treviso Estate in Red Cliffs and for the last ten days it was 6am till 6pm unless the weather got too hot or a thunderstorm hit (both of which happened quite often).

We are staying here until the 28th of December when we will be flying to Sydney for New Years Eve. Hopefully we will have enough money to keep us going for a few weeks after that too. The weather is unreal hot out here. Tomorrow is forecast for 40C so it could be a short day at work. Not too much of note has happened here as it is a quiet little place but we have good fun in the hostel with the Koreans, Germans, Dutch, Australian and a sound lad from Dublin.

Looking forward to getting loads of Xmas presents in the post (joking), but we have sent off postcards so they should be arriving shortly. Have to go now, cos the place I am writing this in was supposed to close at 530 and it is now 540. I hope everyone is keeping well and the weather isnt getting you down. If anything of note has happened please let us know. PLEASE.

Thank You.

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