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Finally, after a year and a half of work, our third book is finished and for sale on

I will have books for all my family and friends when I arrive in Ontario on Feb 1st.

I will have some for my friends in Roatan when I return on Feb 15th.

Anyone wishing to order a copy online may do so at

The kindle version will be available soon also.

Below is my first review - by Boating Georgian Bay

This is the third in a series of The Captains Log books written by Melanie Wood who along with her husband Captain John have cruised from Ontario to exotic, less traveled locations in Central/South America aboard their 38' Bayliner - Diamond Lil. What makes the adventure unusual is there are not many smaller power (non-sail) production boats going to such remote locations with some long blue water crossings thrown into the challenge. This book provides a detailed account of their journey from Florida to Cuba and on to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Roatan and back to Guatemala during hurricane season.

What makes this book interesting is these folks are just like you and me, and they boated on Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay. Their Bayliner is registered in Midland Ontario. What makes them different is they took the plunge and they have been going to places that you would only find cruising sailboats or high end exploration trawlers like Nordhavn, Fleming, Kady-Krogen etc. I would venture to say that you are not going to find another Canadian power boat under 50' up the Rio Dulce river in Guatemala anytime soon. Seems almost crazy to me that such a small power boat is cruising around in such far flung places ... but humans have no bounds and yes there are plenty of people doing crazier things on the water ... like rowing across the Atlantic or paddle boarding across Georgian Bay.

What makes this book useful is the level of detail that Melanie writes about that can be applied as important information for any boater contemplating or in the process of long distance “vagabond” style cruising. The book deals with the good, the bad and the ugly truths of living aboard a boat when the boat is your home and refuge in beautiful, but sometimes risky, far away tropical paradises where things don't happen the way we would expect them to happen in comparison to the relative predictability of cruising in North America. Half the people reading this book would think “I'd love to do that” and the other half would think “there's no way on God's green earth I'd go long distance cruising now”. Realty is, maybe one in several million might take this kind of plunge. Once you leave Florida and head south from there, it's a whole different world when it's not just a vacation but a long term commitment. The world is still a wild and woolly place once you break the confines of your own backyard.

Boating Georgian Bay

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