Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

At last it got up to 80!

A walk on the Egans Greenway trail


Looks like an alligator

Lots of wildlife

On our beach

Over the dunes

The long pier

Breaking waves

Big waves

Shore birds

In flight

Back to Egans Greenway - a different trail

Much more wildlife

BIG Turtles

What a tree!

It almost rained on us

Fishing in the surf

An unexpected treat

Nathans 1/4 pounder

After the rain (it poured "buckets")

Last sunrise before we left Fort Clinch

Our first camping was at Fort Clinch in our favorite campsite #8. It was cold at first and then it warmed up and we were able to go on some really nice hikes on a new (to us) trail system called the Egans Creek Greenway as well as the bicycle trails in the park itself. There were many examples of Florida wildlife along Egans Creek. As the sun came out, we walked along the beach just over the dunes from our campsite and there were mighty waves breaking beyond the long pier. On our second walk along the Egans Creek Greenway, we heard thunder and and felt a few sprinkles. We got back to our car before the thunder really began to crack. When we arrived back at our campsite, the thunder really began and then it was like a bucket of water had been dumped on us! After that storm the sun shone brilliantly the next day and while it cooled down a bit, we felt we were really in Florida.

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