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Frank Takes us around the Island. Great Local Man

Craig and Frank

WWll Anti aircraft guns

Japanese zero WWll




Where the bomb landed WWll

USA Hellcat F6

The Memoral

First Airfield Built by the Japanese. Used commercial after WWll

727 Crash all lived with only cuts broke in half 1980

727 Rear broken off


Mangrove Palms. Used for roofs



Beetle Nut Tree Chewed by all the locals


Cocoanut trees always full.....


Stone Money....


Meeting Hall

Meeting Hall for Men











The people of YAP are overall the friendliest people I have met in the world. They are real, with great values. Overall this is the best part of the Island. the Island was only bombed by the US not occupied.

They hold true to their culture, but have been greatly influenced by the internet and cable. ( I believe to be provided by satulite (no spelling correction working) and very slow. We do not have TV and I cannot download Keys News.)

Back in the 80's more of the people lived in the remote Northern Islands. Marriage was arranged. Women and men do not mix until married and each had there own meeting hall. They would meet in the evenings daily but that tradition has been replaced with more modern ways. The people moved or rather the young people appear to have moved from the outer north islands to work and adopt a more eastern social culture. Returning to the remote Northern Islands has become more difficult with the ferry taking 2 weeks for a RT service. Small planes to service the outer islands.

History pasted

Yap or Wa′ab is an island in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean. It is considered to be made up of three separate islands:.. The three are contiguous though separated by water and are surrounded by a common coral reef. They are formed from an uplift of the Philippine Sea Plate, and are referred to as "high" islands as opposed to atolls. The land is mostly rolling hills densely vegetated. Mangrove swamps line much of the shore. Yap's indigenous cultures and traditions are strong compared to other states in Micronesia.

Colonia is the capital of the State of Yap which includes Yap proper and the fourteen outer islands (mostly atolls) reaching to the east and south for some 800 km (500 mi), namely Eauripik, Elato, Fais, Faraulep, Gaferut, Ifalik, Lamotrek, Ngulu, Olimarao, Piagailoe (West Fayu), Pikelot, Sorol, Ulithi, and Woleai atolls, as well as the island of Satawal Historically a tributary system existed between the outer islands and Yap proper. This probably related to the need for goods from the high islands, including food, as well as wood for construction of seagoing vessels.

2000 population was 11,241 in both Colonia and ten other municipalities. The state has a total land area of 102 km2

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