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You've got the power

I keep getting this message from the world..... I'm listening

You've got the power, to dig in deep, refuse to move and stomp your feet demanding what you want. You've also go the power to listen, take a deep breath and go where you're lead. Sometimes the world (angles, god or whatever you call it) are trying to get the moment right and need you to hold on a minute or several while they set a few things up that are taking time. In my experience, the refusing to move (oh yes I have been there) only leads to unhappiness, frustration and feeling alone. So as I sit here in Zadar with no Visa to stay and looking to go to Montenegro (look south of Croatia) for a while I think back on how so many times I heard the world saying the timing it off and I refused to listen. Now I use my power to breathe and go where lead. I have gotten so much from my time here in Croatia but I can feel it is time to go. I don't know what the future holds but I know this, I have asked for what I want clearly and with the conviction of knowing I spoke from my heart. Now I will take the path to get there without fear that if I leave this spot I will miss my shot. I trust in myself and the world to bring about the happy situation I long for. How can I not, I have waited so many years trying to turn or bad timing situation into the happy I knew it could be. But when my head screamed that I was ruining any chance of making it work by forcing us to be where we weren't, I would not listen and now I accept my part in its failure. But I try to learn from my mistakes. So I am listening hard, not just with my ears but my soul as well. Because I want to be happy in the situation with the people who want to be happy in it too. I deserve it and only I can allow it to happen.

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