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Day 2

31st Dec 2013

We met Kamchanoy who will be our guide for the south. he seems keen to please and helped over the first hurdle of trying to say his name. First stop out of Pakse was Vat Pha. A tiny version of Angkor Wat. Those Hindus certainly got around hundreds of years ago. There are written records of temple events that are fascinating. Not sure I would like to live then. A long drive thru very poor areas to the bottom of Laos and a place called 4000 islands in the middle of the Mekong. There is STARK contrast between those driving around in huge numbers of brand new Toyota 4WD twin cab hilux. I have never seen so many. We got on our long (read unstable) boat that just held us and our guide, luggage and driver let alone the boat driver. As we are leaving Christine reminds me about the boat that she read recently over turned doing this trip. Why tell me now Chris? it could have waited. We are soon at our new home - another luxurious cabin. This is a huge tourist destination and has been ever since the French started exploiting Laos about 200 years ago. We explored a bit but it was a long drive and I have s seniors card.

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