2014 Around the World travel blog

Depart our layover in Guam to Yap from Saipan

2 Flights a week arrival with the tradition



Band at our Hotel for the Saturday night event

Breakfast View

Out the window of our hotel

Love the floor

Colors across the Street

Just liked the color

Our Happy Hour Place with brewery

Local Brew

Walking downtown

Local House on main road

Just like the windows

Mangrove Palm that they make the roof from

Main Street

The tree that has beetle nut

The local Brew

Read the saying

What a great start here.... 2 flights in a week. I of course had to get to the airport way to early. Traditional ladies meet us with the hand make lei . They do go topless but the rule is they have to have grass skirts on to go topless. Being respectful I did not take a picture not knowing their custom.

Our Motel Room is great. No TV and limited WIFI in lobby but that was expected. Having only one flight from Guam we indeed know most the limited tourist in town... What fun.

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