My 2014 Retirement Trip Hawaii travel blog

Feet in the sand! I made it!

View from my balcony.

Garden next door to my hotel

I'm not in Ohio any more!

Hilo Hawaiian Hotel


This tree is from Australia and is known as an "umbrella" tree....

A beautiful stand of bamboo

A cat in the park - and I thought Polly had the...

This is an Australian dove. It has a light blue tint. They...

I finally got to see the view from my room this morning and it was well worth the long flight. I had SPAM and eggs for breakfast. Spam is a staple in Hawaii, why I am not sure. The waitress asked if I had ever had spam before and was surprised Mom used to make it baked with cloves, as a ham would be. She told me she made it as sushi - spam in the center, covered in rice and then rolled in seaweed (nori).

I spent an hour walking through the gardens next to the hotel. It is beautiful. I recognized Banyan trees. Others I hope will be identified when my tour group visits there. I will attach pictures of the Banyan trees tomorrow. I spent time watching sea birds and the cats that lived in the garden. I am no longer sure the Clawson cats are the happiest on earth.

I walked the half hour into Hilo. All the shops were closed on Sunday so I was disappointed but it was interesting to see the old Hilo I have been reading about. Some of the pictures I took will be posted tomorrow. It reminded me of the old areas of Alaska I visited on the cruises. Built to be temporary but still there 100 years later, lots of tin roofs and other "at hand" materials. Both Hawaii and Alaska would have been growing up about the same time and both on Pacific coastline so it makes sense the architecture would be similar.

Tomorrow I meet the group at 5:00. Until then I plan to visit an old mission house and a quilt store and rest up from all my exploring.

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