leaving Mississippi and entering Louisiana

On I-10 passing by New Orleans in the distance.

Entering into Texas, the rough road will end soon.

We're home, all is good in our world...

The company uses this old street car to give tours of the...

some spaces, the park is not full this week.

Our home for 6 nites.

Escapees old HQ building, now a club house

New HQ building houses staff, mail svc

Interesting history of the club.. Now 40 years old.

The latest edition of the logo.

The damage from the frozen awning scenario.

All fixed, both ends of the metal bar needed attention

The cold, icy and windy 445 mile drive from Biloxi to Livingston Texas went alright except for Interstate 10. This leg of our trip today provided winds from our backside easing our fuel mileage somewhat over what it was the other day. Today 11.6 mpg over the 9.4 on Mon! The road bed or lack thereof, is the worst road in the nation. Essentially from New Orleans to Houston is horrible! We knew this going in as we've been on it before, and there was a time when the road was so rough that Dave thought he'd lost his dentures! But then again, Dave doesn't have dentures, it was that rugged of a ride. After a ride like that, that lasts 200 miles one has to be careful when cabinets are opened.

This stop is for 6 nights at Rainbow's End and is one of our favorite places. This is the flagship park for the Escapees RV Club. It is here that the club has it's mail service, headquarters and the C.A.R.E. Center. We like it here because we find ourselves amongst others of similar mindset as full-time RV'ers where everyone has a quick wave and a friendly greeting for you. SKP's (skips) as we're known are free with hugs. This RV club is different from others in that, it is structured for full-timers by full-timers providing services with our lifestyle in mind.

While here, the cold weather cleared up and warm air treated us to several nice days. Dave got on the ladder and fixed that previously mentioned damage from the frozen slide-out cover. Now it's better than before as he found some loose screws and replaced them. Of course, Rebecca doesn't mention much about, "those other loose screws" of Dave's!

We wish we could stick around but we have to get on down the road migrating west.

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