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Well this was a real gem. The Aire is down by the river & to the side of a large camp site. This is obviously a popular summer place as the Aire is large as well. The camp site is closed & we are the only motorhome on the Aires, which is for motorhomes only.

The village of Eulalie D'Olt is wonderful. It is only a short walk along the river bank to the town which is really old with narrow windy streets. The houses are very old in the town centre, we saw one dated 1647. Everything is beautifully preserved, I think it is the loveliest old town we've ever been to. We wandered around in the morning taking lots of photographs before returning to the Aire for an early lunch before leaving to move on south. One odd thing was that there was some kind of ramshackle brewery or still right beside the old church with a couple of guys brewing some sort of concoction, maybe the altar wine?

I had chosen this particular route to the south of France as I wanted to see the viaduct bridge at Millau, the bridge in the sky. This was our next destination & it was only about 50 miles from Eulalie D'Olt. It is a toll bridge & it cost us €10.70 to go over the bridge but it was worth it. There is a very good rest & viewing area just before the bridge so we stopped there to get some more photos of the spectacular views. The bridge is 2,000 metres long and way up above the valley & town of Millau below.

We could have stayed at the rest area overnight but as it was still early in the afternoon we decided to push on. We had selected an Aire at a town called Alban as our next stop. Our bok of Aire locations showed this to have electricity & toilets but as we are finding out the book is not always right. This Aire turned out to be in the car park of a sports centre & when we arrived about 4.30pm there were a number of coaches in the car park which was beside the rugby pitches. The games had obviously just finished & there were lots of youngsters milling around. We managed to get in & parked up in one corner but there were no toilet facilities or electric available. As it was getting dark we decided to stay anyway and by the time we had gone up into the village for a walk round & to get a few supplies all but one of the coaches had left. The last one soon went as well & we had the car park to ourselves.

Despite being a Saturday night there were no signs of any real life in the village just the usual cafe, small supermarket, patisserie(cakes & bread), charcuterie(butchers) & church. Very few people about anywhere. Hard to know what the French do for entertainment in the evenings in these small towns & villages. At least we had our TV with all the films & TV series I recorded before leaving home.

Mileage to date - 921

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