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Well, we are putting layer upon layer in our brains. I am trying to keep up my written journal with some details here on line in hopes I'll remember it all. Once I come back and start the sleep rotation reversal some of my memory will be wiped!

Today we hired a driver to help us use the day better, tough to get around in the rain. We searched out a weaver location recommended by David and Barbara Fraser, Bantheay Sreipit, Mr. Liv Sa Em. He passed away last year but his daughter and wife still maintain the weaving business. It took about an hour to find the location as the street had been interrupted by a building and we had to poke around the back neighborhood streets to find a way through. Fortunately the mud was not too bad, we went from dirt to paved roads and asked around and finally found the home. It was in a compound 3 stories high, very nice. We pushed open the gate and peaked in to see if we could come in. His granddaughter greeted us and took us up to see the weavers. We went up 3 stories to the roof top to see 3 looms set up. One was 2 shaft (men's garment), the second was 3 shaft, (woman's skirt panel). Intricate detail again. The 3rd loom had a great example of the setup brought to the loom all tied togeather ready to be wound onto the loom. Treadles were tied into the package, different from the Lao set up.

We talked to the weavers and the owner and then she took us downstairs to see fabric. Pieces ran from $300 to $400. She brought out a piece that cost $800 that almost brought me to tears with all attention to detail. Will definitely post a picture when I am able to download to a cd. Her grandfather is written up in the Hol conference manuscript that I bought from Mr. Morimoto. Wove for royalty and trained new weavers. Could definitely see why the kings wanted his fabric.

Went from there to lunch at the Boddhi Tree, Great food, sweet potato crisps layed with avocado and smoked chicken and Beer Lao.

Went on from there to the Russian Market and found the ikat frame supports and 2 wonderful back beam supports(great surprize to buy these pieces).

From here Sandra went on to the prison for information for her human rights class and I went on to the Royal Palace (I had no desire to wallow in the Pol Pot era). The palace was beautiful and intricate. Had to keep an eye on the sky as thunderstorms were coming in. Able to time myself so I was in the covered exhibition part to see Khmer village home styles and the traditional costumes when the sky opened up. Once there was a break I went to the museum store and checked out the goods. Finally able to afford a small pice of the ikat and brocade in the form of a pillowcase.

Took tuk tuk back to the hotel. Sandra went with driver to hospital to get info for Johnny's son. She then went out to dinner with former student and I stayed home and played braindead! Tomorrow we are up at 6am to fly to Vientiane Laos.....

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