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I get to the police station to be told that without any link to Croatia (ancestors or a husband) that they can not see how I could stay. (I am starting to understand why some risk living here illegally) as I was leaving I was waiting for the anger and tears and hurt to start..... they didn't. when I came here I was sure I needed to be here wanted to be here. and those things are true but I feel a peace about the possibility that I may have to leave. I feel like my time here has been so successful and that that will continue if I stay or not. I have realized how good my time here has been and how smart I have been to enjoy and experience and draw out as much as I could. I want more time here but if that is not to be, I am grateful for the time I have had. I thought the rest of my life was going to be here in Croatia but there are other countries in this part of the world......... maybe one of them hold my future. EVERYTHING WORKS OUT FOR ME <3

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