Jared is our oldest grandson, we had fun with him today..

Jared chose the Tokyo Sushi House, it was wonderful food..

You can order anything from the menu for 45 minutes...

Two of our favorites...

Last one!

Jerry and I have learned a lot about Japanese Sushi and all you can eat specials since arriving in Las Vegas. :-) We always thought sushi was raw food, most of it is not. We celebrated Jared’s special day at the Tokyo Sushi House, we all had a feast and a wonderful time together.

Jared did have some raw food, but Jerry and I feasted too, without anything raw on our plates. Jared is a pro and he taught us how to have a great time ordering. They bring you anything off the menu for up to 45 minutes. We all enjoyed it much. After dinner we took Jared to see a movie for his entertainment part of the special “Jared” day. This is the last of the special days for everyone in the family. We have enjoyed spending special time with each of our family members.

We will be driving to Death Valley National Park this week, we have visited 7 national parks in the last six months, we are looking forward to exploring a new one this week. Check back later for more from Nevada and California.

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